Charles Jones, Senior Pastor

Rev. Charles Jones was born in the republic of Haiti, but spent most of his years growing up in Florida He has over 18 years of ministry experience, including the planting of NewCBF 
Charles has undergraduate and graduate degrees in ministry, finance, biblical studies and Christian counseling. He has committed his life to loving God and people, and to helping people know God personally, pastor Charles is a found member of a visionary, well known motivational speaker and a Florida Baptist convention 2014 state evangelism speaker.
His personal goal as a Christian is to do the following:
1.    Reaching non-religious and nominally religious people and helping them become committed followers of Jesus Christ;  
2.    Equipping and inspiring members to live their faith in mission to the community and world; 
3.    Reach out and build people up to be all God has called, ordained and created them to be
We love our pastor…